Our Mission

     Miss Posie Pockets is on a mission to make the world a kinder, more positive place and to celebrate everyday changemakers… and business is BLOOMING!

     Our formula is simple- we start with an appreciation for life’s simplest joys, add a passion for positivity, advocate the belief that the greatest love we gain results from the love we share, and a desire to celebrate others who are spreading these values as well.

     One way we accomplish this is by sharing a portion of every purchase made from our merchandise shop with a featured small-but-mighty charitable organization chosen quarterly through our Spread The Love campaign. Your purchase also comes with a packet of wildflower seeds and the hope that you’ll scatter them somewhere that you believe could use a little extra sunshine- nature will take care of the rest. It’s just one delightfully simple way to #spreadlovelikewildflowers- there are countless other easy yet powerful actions you can take to make a difference every day and we want to encourage you to discover them.

     Therefore, at Miss Posie Pockets you’ll find us sharing a whole lot of happiness and cheering for special people and programs that are choosing to live our mission too. Hopefully it will make your heart bloom with as much joy and inspiration as ours does!


Kennedy Joy & The MPP Team